Monday, January 14, 2013

I had an ouchie

This weekend was a rough one. Saturday morning I met up with Corry Edwards & Paul Spitzmueller to boulder at Castle Rock. I had been there once before with Rebecca, and I was excited to boulder again with good friends from StL.

As we were warming up we did this little traverse that goes in front of a tree with a broken branch about thigh high off the ground. I had seen it on NYE day with Rebecca & we both thought it should be cut off, because someone was going to get hurt. About 5 minutes before my accident I said the same thing to Corry & Paul.

I lost my balance as I was topping out & fell off the rock, where I basically speared the back of my left thigh with this broken branch. I immediately laid down on a crashpad & raised my leg. I saw a bit of fat hanging out, but I wasn't bleeding badly. It didn't hurt physically that much but you know how you hurt from frustration? Yeah, I hurt bad like that.

County Rescue got me out to the highway where the Ambulance took me to Valley Medical in San Jose. My paramedic Kathy was a climber, and she made sure that I got a room right away without being tagged as a trauma case, where lights & sirens go on and costs skyrocket.

I spent the next 8 hours in the hospital where people would stop by to check out the gnarly puncture wound. Some general surgery nurses started to clean it out but stopped when I said it hurt. They consulted with the Plastic Surgery department, who eventually decided to take over the case.

After giving me Dilaudid & some local anesthetic a plastic surgeon pushed my slightly torn bicep femoralis back into my thigh & stitched me up.

Rebecca flew up from LA to be with me for the week. I'm lucky to have her, Corry and Paul down here to help me out. At first I thought I could do it myself but I can barely walk. It's hard to shower and dress myself, and it hurts the worst to walk. But, this could have been SO MUCH WORSE and I'm lucky it is what it is.

Thanks for the kind words & thoughts. Looking forward to getting better asap.

Now, for the gore. I put up an album on Dropbox, and if you want to see the photos, click ahead. In my opinion they're not that bad, but if you want to see them go for it.

ps: Kinda funny that I have that crying kid in the header of my blog

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