Thursday, November 26, 2009

Updating to Air 2.0 Beta on Ubuntu 9.10

One reason I stopped using TweetDeck was links were opened using Firefox, and I use Chromium. This was highly annoying, as it was hardcoded into the Adobe Air runtime, which is a big no-no. @smmehadi suggested I upgrade to the Air 2.0 Beta Runtime, and doing so has solved the default browser issue, and TweetDeck still works.

There's a page on upgrading Air 1.5 to 2.0 which suggested to run the following command on Ubuntu 9.04 (also works on 9.10)
sudo getlibs -l

Now if you download the Air 2 Beta Runtime using the "Download for Linux (BIN, 10.7MB)" (direct link) you can:
chmod +x air2_b1_runtime_lin_111709.bin


If you didn't use getlibs to install libhal-storage, the .bin installer will prompt you installing 32bit Air 2.0 isn't recommended on 64bit systems. Otherwise the upgrade should hopefully go well for you!

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