Thursday, November 26, 2009

Updating to Air 2.0 Beta on Ubuntu 9.10

One reason I stopped using TweetDeck was links were opened using Firefox, and I use Chromium. This was highly annoying, as it was hardcoded into the Adobe Air runtime, which is a big no-no. @smmehadi suggested I upgrade to the Air 2.0 Beta Runtime, and doing so has solved the default browser issue, and TweetDeck still works.

There's a page on upgrading Air 1.5 to 2.0 which suggested to run the following command on Ubuntu 9.04 (also works on 9.10)
sudo getlibs -l

Now if you download the Air 2 Beta Runtime using the "Download for Linux (BIN, 10.7MB)" (direct link) you can:
chmod +x air2_b1_runtime_lin_111709.bin


If you didn't use getlibs to install libhal-storage, the .bin installer will prompt you installing 32bit Air 2.0 isn't recommended on 64bit systems. Otherwise the upgrade should hopefully go well for you!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ticketmaster really pisses me off

Rebecca and I were going to go see the Bravery on Sunday, but tickets were like $25 each with charges. So when 94.7 FM here in Portland emailed a chance to buy tickets to their December to Remember series, cheap $9.47 ticket concert for the Bravery, we were psyched! But, Ticketmaster charges a 45% "Convenience charge" for... what? If my tickets were $125, like they are for Bon Jovi (No, I would not go see Bon Jovi, just wanted to compare expensive tickets) the $17.60 convenience charge is only 14%. Unacceptable in my opinion. My sub-$25 evening if I could purchase the tickets in advance at the door turned into a ~$32 evening. I know, it's only $7, right... but that $7 is 37% of the ticket price.

Not only that, but Ticketmaster will charge me $2.50 to print my own tickets? So they'll print out and send them to me via post for free, but they'll charge me 13% per ticket to save them the cost to print, stick in envelope and mail.

I would like to see this change in the future. It's bordering on unfair.