Sunday, June 07, 2009

Fixie is done!

The guys at Meticon Bikes helped me finish up the last few issues on the bike (cut down the fork, swapped out the bottom bracket, spaced the hub and put on the chain) and I want to say thanks! Definitely check them out at SE 60th and SE Foster. Anyway, the fixie is ridable!

I'll be swapping out some parts here and there, but otherwise I've very happy with the way it turned out. I've been debating on putting a front brake on, and for the first bit I'm opting not to. I'll just have to be careful going down hills mainly, but I think I'll get a handle on it.

Not bad for my first paint job huh? It's not the best, but definitely good enough for now.


David said...

Looks like a good project. Does it brake by turning the pedals backward?

jesse said...

Not quite by pedaling backwards, but by fighting the pedals. It's an interesting way to ride that's for sure.