Sunday, June 28, 2009

10 year high school reunion: what a blast!

So far my trip back to Indiana has been awesome, and I expect it to stay that way. I flew in Friday night, and was met at the airport by my dad and Rita. I picked up my rental car, which though I paid for a compact, I was "upgraded" to a mid-size. So I've been driving a Toyota Matrix, which has been fun. On the way back from O'Hare we stopped at the Parthenon in Greektown and had some amazing food. I had no idea the bean salad was THAT good. I'll be making more of that when I get back to Portland.

I stopped in Chesterton to see my old friend Ed Strudas play some music at a bar. I was pleasantly surprised by how well he performed and had a good time. Got back to La Porte and got to bed. Saturday morning I woke up and went to my dad's auction in Gary. Got there toward the end, but I managed to take a few pics and record some video, which I'll have to post soon.

After the auction and some grub, I went back to Chesterton where I stopped in to the bowling alley and saw Jennie Keck. It had been many years! I went up to Porter Beach and hung out for a while before my reunion. It was so nice up there. I forgot how soft the sand is, and the water was nice and warm.

I ended up getting to the reception late. I forgot dinner was served at 6, so showing up at 7:30 was a bit of a mistake on my part. That being said, I had a great time talking to everyone. Catching up was very easy and casual, and everyone seemed really happy. No drama that I witnessed. No one was pretentious or snooty at all. All I can say is I had a fabulous time.

After the reunion, Jacques and I got (eww) Taco Bell, the least unhealthy thing open that late, then went to Hooligans. Definitely not my scene, but it was nice to see some more people. We hung out for a bit with Karen Kenney/Garcia and Valerie Karriman. Karen looked great for having a kid only 6 months ago, and Val was as cute and nice as ever. If you're reading this Val, I'm still angry ;-)

We could only stand the smoke and music for a bit, so I headed over to Bill's house where Marko, Derek Holmgren, Luke Ember and Ben Cole were hanging out. Congrats on Bill on his new house! We left around 2:30 and ended up talking at Ben's until 4:30 or so. Even though that's only 2:30 my time, I'm still a wuss and was tired as hell.

Breakfast this morning with Ben, Derek and Jacques was really fun. I hadn't been to Northside Diner in a looooong time. Thanks to Ben for breakfast! My oatmeal was delicious. Jacques and I ran around for a bit, then met up with Ben for a bit, took a walk, then headed out.

I'm glad this has been such a great trip so far!

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