Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Potrero Chico 08: Day 7 - New Years Day, Crushed Guppy

I don't have any pics right now of today's action, but it was a good day nonetheless. It started out sad as Dave and Caroline left, but hopefully we'll see them in Australia someday soon.

We warmed up on the Wave, doing La Ola and then the 10d to the right of it. Nathan onsighted the 10d, but no one else did! It was kinda funky at the top, but still fun. We then made our way back to Surf Bowl to clean up Guppy, 12b. The draws weren't on the route, so I climbed it, hanging them and butchering the sequence. I was pretty frustrated but knew I'd get it on my next go, which I did. It's a great route which I hope to get wired. Kawai sent it on his 3rd go, and Nathan gave it a few tries to suss out the beta.

Tomorrow we're staying close to the ground, probably Virgin Canyon for some 11s. It'll be a few days before I can get back up to Surf Bowl to get on the 13a, Surfer Rosa.

Duh, forgot about this morning's pictures! Before Dave and Caroline left, we got in the pool and took some photos. I ripped off the jumping thing from some of Chamisa's friends. Too fun to pass up!

Today's pics

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