Friday, January 09, 2009

Potrero Chico 08: Day 15 - Last day, Caves and Hot Springs

Well, we were going to climb today with the intent to finish off Conflict, the 12b in Estrellas yesterday. Mica had heard of a cave tour and needed a day off, so we jumped on. Grutas de Garcia is a limestone cave in the town of Garcia, not too far from Hidalgo. It had some amazing rooms, and our pictures don't do them justice. Surprisingly, it was quite warm up there. There was a shrine in the cave too, along with a heaven and hell motif.

From the cable car:

Some crazy features:

One of the lighted rooms:

We went back in to Garcia and ate some of the best food we've had here. I had asada de puerco, a pork dish that was amazing. Just about everyone else had the pollo de mole, which was at least 1500 times better than the crap we had at Homero's. It's 5 hours later and I'm still full, which is pretty rare for me.

Our next stop was the hot springs. We went to one of two springs in a tiny town in the middle of the nowhere. It was an interesting place. There were 3 pools, cold, cool and hot. The hot pool was in a little room filled with 20 locals. The water was cloudy and smelled of sulfur, but it was still really cool.

A cemetery on the way back:

On our way back we passed an old hacienda, and by old I mean this place was built in the mid-1500s. As you can see from the pictures, it was pretty run down, yet still a place for locals to congregate and hang. Inside there was a tiny chapel with many pictures of what I presumed to be people that had passed. There were many drivers licenses for people that might have died in traffic accidents. It was a somber sight but interesting to see into local customs.

Well, this concludes my Potrero Chico trip for the most part. I doubt I'll write about traveling back to Portland unless I need something to occupy my time. I will try to update the daily posts with links to each day's photos if I find the time once I'm back in the real world.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I can come back next year and experience a few more adventures.

Today's pics

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