Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Potrero Chico 08: Day 12 - Big Market, New Knot

Today we went to the big Tuesday market. It was cool in the sense I had not been to a market that size before, but really there were 7 things being sold:

  • socks

  • shoes

  • clothes

  • food

  • candy

  • cleaning supplies

  • bootleg CDs and DVDs

We got back around 12:30, ate some lunch and hiked up to the Dihedrals, right next to the Surf Bowl. We did Dead Man Walking, a super classic 5.9, highly recommended. Then we walked over to Surf Bowl so Nathan could put down Guppy. It didn't happen today, after a few tries, but it'll happen. I got on Surfer Rosa, 13a, and yeah... it's hard. I had set my mind on sending an 13a here but I'm not sure I'm in good enough shape, so I might project Bottom Feeder, 12d, mostly jugs, one hard move. That sounds more my style.

We met a group of climbers from Mexico City who were very cool and spoke English very well. Javier, the dude that sent the 13b on his second go, taught us a new knot. It's a cross between a figure 8 and a bowline. Encontrado is what he called it, but basically it's a self-water knot. It's pretty badass.

No pictures today, at least none now since I forgot my camera. I think we're going to crag tomorrow with Mike and Micah. Should be a good day.

Today's pics

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