Monday, January 05, 2009

Potrero Chico 08: Day 11 - China's last day, Brrrrrr!

We got up pretty early today so China could get in a few climbs before her departure. We went up to Estrellas Canyon since it was close and got on a 10b warm-up, right down by the road. Besides having 2 more anchors than necessary, it was a fun route. China felt warm, so she got on Planet of the Marklar, which was given 5.11 in the book. We agree it's more like 11d; it comes with 3 cruxes, the 2nd one being the hardest. Super fun though.

Here's China on it:

and here's China falling:

It was pretty cold up there since the sun was still behind the other walls. On my way up the 3rd route I finally got into the sunshine, which was quite nice. Here's Nathan putting up the 3rd climb:

Our last picture together:

And their last pic here after 3 weeks:

Nathan and I went back up to the park and did a 2 pitch route, Bubba Louie, 5.9/10c. I wanted to practice some multi pitch stuff with him, so we did some simul-climbing and simul-rappelling. Simul-climbing is when both people climb at the same time. Nathan was on lead, and I followed on top-rope with a gri-gri, that way should he want to get belayed for a section, I could immediately do so. The weight of the trailing rope made the whole thing a bit harder to manage, but manage we did.

Simul-rappelling is where both people rap at the same time. I would lower on one side of the rope, Nathan on the other. It's a much faster way of getting down, and it was pretty cool too. Neither one of us brought our cameras, so you're just going to have to imagine how it looked: like a Stephen Segal movie, where he battles ninjas with the aid of Chuck Norris.

Yeah, just like that.

Today's pics

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