Sunday, January 04, 2009

Potrero Chico 08: Day 10 - Outrage Wall caused outrage

Today was China's last full day, and we had not yet been to Outrage Wall. So, we headed up there, only to be totally confused by the worst descriptions of routes I've ever seen. ASDF starts 20ft left of FDSA, which starts 5ft left of JHLJH, which is 30ft left of HEDH, which is 15ft left of 3u22y, which is 60ft left of SOMEPOSROUTE which is 10ft left of the rope. Seriously, it was too relative for us. We bailed and walked up to Plutonia Cave, a boulering cave on the Front Side. Here's China messing around, avec helmet:

We made our way up to Land of the Free and did 2 routes, the 10d and 11c on the left side. Both were really fun, and the other routes look good, but I doubt we'll make it back up. We belayed from the entrance to a mine shaft, and you can see Nathan descending through a hole in the top:

Tomorrow we're going whever China wants before she flies out, then I'd like to concentrate the rest of the trip on Surf Bowl. Werd.

Today's pics

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