Monday, December 22, 2008

Shitty Weather 08 - I tried to be clever

So I thought I'd be smart and go save my bushes. With all the ice and snow, I was afraid they'd get permanently damaged and then cost me some dollaz.

So I decided to fashion a pair of snowshows, because, I don't have any. I looked around for a bit but couldn't find anything that would work, until I stumbled upon some old pegboard.

So I was like "HELL YEAH" and I got to work strapping a pair of Nathan's Gore-Tex shoes on the board.

I thought I did a pretty good job...

until I got outside and damn near slipped every 2 steps.

So, I beat the snow off the bushes as best I could, then walked down to the store. I saw peeps on cross country skis, but no one on snowshoes. I need to pick up a cheap pair. That and a shovel.

glad I ganked that balaclava from my dad years ago!


Anonymous said...

You'll have to make me a paid of these!

kalliope said...

Nice thinking! Very innovative. Especially stapling Nathan's shoes to the pegboard :)