Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Potrero Chico 08: Day 5 - I found my new home

Today was a fantastic day. While Dave and Caroline did trail maintenance (and Dave smashed his finger, poor guy) the rest of us went to the Wave that had the best 10b I've ever been on, La Ola. Any time you needed a foot, you had one. Every time you were forced to change body positions, it was well worth it. It's easily the best 10b I've ever been on, and in the top 5 routes. Here's a picture of China near the top, just under the wave.

We then hiked up to Surf Bowl, which is my new home. Guys at work, I quit. Mom, sell my house and send me the money. Give the van to Nathan, I'm moving to Surf Bowl. It has the kind of routes I've been waiting for: overhanging, jugs, underclings and tufas. The climbing was outstanding. I almost onsighted Blue Fin, 12a, getting all the way to the anchor when pitching. I was pumped out of my mind, but might have been able to clip had the draws been on my right. We all did it on our second go. Here are a few pics of us on it.

There were a bunch of Mexican climbers at the wall too. Ricardo and Bruno, both very strong guys, were cranking. Bruno got the 13b (Dave says grade 30 in Austrailian), Nemo, and Ricardo made some progress. It was inspiring to watch them on those routes, and they looked really fun. I almost flashed Guppy, 12b, getting one move from the huge jug before falling. I found some great heel hook beta that's going to work next time. Then on to the 12d, en muerte!

Me on Guppy:

Tomorrow is a rest day, so don't expect a post, unless I get that bored.

Today's pics


Brian said...

Glad you're having a great time bro! But there's no need to quit. You can work from wherever.

I've got all the satellite gear you need to get hooked up with broadband internet collecting dust in my garage. You might want to hang on to the van too. Hitchhiking to town might get old.

We're working on our budget for next year. What's the prevailing wage for web developers in that part of mexico?

jesse said...

I can't count that high in pesos...