Sunday, December 28, 2008

Potrero Chico 08: Day 3 - Today was an off day

Today was a bit cooler than yesterday, maybe 65 in the shade. We started on Moto Wall, and had to walk by Jabba the Hut again. This time he had the gate closed, so I found a hole in the barbed wire fence that we walked through. Gilberto, a guy that works here at Pagoda's, said he doesn't think it's right the man collects money. The man was yelling at us that we should pay because it's private land, but it isn't, so... not gonna pay. We also heard it's tribal land, but Gilberto had mentioned there were no tribes around here. Pretty sure it's just a racket.

Anyway, we warmed up at Moto wall on a 10b. I did something to my left index finger yesterday, so I wasn't keen on cranking today, though I would have otherwise. The climb was fun, but my finger didn't feel right. Still doesn't actually. I think I did just enough to kinda bruise it; I don't think it's a pulley injury.

We heard someone commotion and it ends up someone got hurt. A guy got off route and fell, and we thought he might have broken his leg. Luckily he only skinned his elbow, though I think he went into shock for a bit, as a buddy, Gary, a Wilderness First Responder, ran up the route and lowered the guy down. It was interesting to watch. The injured climber was fine by the time he got to the ground. You can see him being lowered.

After warming up, we walked up to Mileski Wall, which was probably a 30 minute hike up the hill. It was in the sun and felt good. Kawai jumped on Shock T, an 11d but got cruxed out near the top. He took a number of good lead falls though. Nathan got on Mother Superior, a 12a to the left and did well on his first go but didn't onsight it. Aussie Dave flashed it of course, and when I left China was on it. Hopefully Nathan and Kawai both got their routes.

Tomorrow Kawai and I are planning on doing the route at the back of the canyon, highlighted below. I'm forgetting the name, but it's 8 pitches, 11a first pitch, then 10 and below. Should be a fun route!

Today's pics

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Nate Tack said...

Soo I'm here at work and it is 44 and pouring rain. Climbing in Mexico sounds good right now.