Saturday, December 27, 2008

Potrero Chico 08: Day 2 - It's getting hot in herr

Today the temps rose to close to 90. Our plan was to go up to Surf Bowl, a rad, hard wall. It's on the back side, so you have to pass through the collection gate/extortionist. To explain, I had heard there was a guy that site in his truck and collects money from people that want to climbing inside on the inside. I read that it's actually not legal for him to collect money, since he doesn't own the land, nor does he work for any park service-type operation. So, I decided to walk right passed him. First, he was this over weight guy laying down in a camper. All he did was lift a rope to raise a little flag line to stop people. I just stepped on the line and walked by. He asked us if we spoke Spanish, and since I don't, we didn't respond. If the whole scene weren't so disgusting, I might give him the money. Sure as hell not going to now.

So, Surf Bowl... it's a hike, and it was hot out. There's only one route up there to warm up on, and literally one minute before we got there a group took the pitch. We then decided to head back down to the shade and get on some fun stuff.

We warmed up on some 10s then went up to an area Kawai and Nathan had checked out. There were 2 spectacular routes there, both 11c. I put up the first, falling above the first bolt (a very long move and not super easy to figure out) and David the Aussie put up the other. Nathan flashed the route I put up, Kawai and I got it on our 2nd go, easily. Nathan and I both flashed the other 11c. Both super high quality routes, worthy of the 3 star rating. China also found her project in this route, which could go in another try or 2. Spectacular route!

You wish you were here, right now:

Aussie Dave:

Nathan flashing it in good style:

Today's pics

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