Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It really can be a small world

On my bike ride back from the PRG last night, at the corner of 12th and Hawthorne, I overheard 2 cyclist ask where the Woodstock district was. Since I of course live in Woodstock, I offered for them to follow me. These 2 were on a bicycle trip from Tacoma WA to Arizona. They were psyched to be in Portland and be immersed in the bike culture. As we're riding, the guy mentions he's from St. Louis. I tell him I went to college there, and of course proceed to ask him what high school he went to (it's a thang.) He tells me SLU High School, so I ask if he knows Eric or Brent Venker. He erupts in surprise, as he went to school with Brent for a few years.

Seriously, a tiny world sometimes.

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Lawless said...

I told you Brent Venker was a slut.