Sunday, September 28, 2008

My 27th Birfday

I started out my day by meeting Gary at Carver for some bouldering. Though I've talked a bit of trash about Carver in the past, going with someone who knows the area, history and grades makes a big difference. After warming up at the lower area, we went up to work on Triangle Face, a solid v5 (feels hard for the grade.) I was too tired from the Madrone cleanup yesterday to pull the first move, but could do the rest, which includes a pretty dynamic move and a nice topout. I'm psyched to go back.

My Aunt Carol, Aunt Becky, and her friend Chris are all in town this weekend, so we went to my mom's cousin's beautiful townhouse on South Waterfront for dinner. I loved the modern and slightly minimal design. I especially loved the marshmallow carpet! Dieter made some great chicken kabobs and a lot of fun stories about the family were told. Makes me want to learn about both sides of my family.

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kalliope said...

Let's do it again sometime soon. You are always welcome, and I promise you that rug is yours someday! xoxo