Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Great Pic of Beacon

Check it

I was looking around on Google Earth and found this photo. It helps to put the routes in perspective, 'cause I get lost up there.

Last weekend Nathan, China and I did the SE Corner route. That's the route I soloed last summer with Joe and Jaime. This time, though I took pro with me, I didn't place any. Since there were 3 climbers I just tried to move as fast as possible, which probably wasn't all that fast. Once up on Grassy Ledges, I went too far to the left, and climbed up to the Land of the Little People from the left side, which is a little sketchy. I belayed China and Nathan up, then we soloed/scrambled the rest. It's all low 5th class or 4th class, but it's exposed. Both Nathan and China did very well. It'd be easy to get really freaked out, and they only got a little freaked out. But the rock is solid and nothing but jugs, so I wasn't worried. It's a great route!

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