Sunday, July 06, 2008

Compost Happens, In My Yard

Growing up, I never had a garden. Most boys don't want one, but I always thought they were cool, and now I think there's no reason I shouldn't have one. So on Friday I drove around SE Industrial PDX looking for pallets to frame up my 2 bin composting system.

I already had a pile of dirt and some organic material in the back corner of my yard, so I figured that'd be the perfect place.

I started by digging a small trench to lay the dividing pallet.

I decided to not use a full pallet for the outside wall but just the boards. The front of both are supported by stakes made by scraps I busted off the pallets themselves.

I already had a good amount of dirt so my "finished" pile is pretty big. The wire on top is from one of the pallets I picked up. When it starts raining again I'll probably put a tarp over it.

The composting pile is twice as big as shown because I bought a hedge trimmer today and trimmed my hedges. I'll be composting all my fruit, vegetable and grain waste, and hopefully in a few months I'll have some good humus. My next gardening step is to make some raised beds for a fruit/vegetable patch. I don't know if I'll get anything harvested this year, but I hope to have things planted so at least next spring I can have some good stuff.


kiki said...

nice work! you're well on your way to becoming a certified hippie.

can i hold hula hoop practice in your yard?

jesse said...

only if I can bury it!