Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sweet Memorial Day Weekend

Thursday night Nathan and I went to see She Wants Revenge. At first I thought they played at the Roseland. Once there, I saw they were playing at the Crystal Ballroom. Get there and a sign says they're at Hawthorne Theatre, back across the river. Awesome... we were just there! Badass show though.

Since I worked on Memorial Day, I took Friday off. Nathan and I met his friend Sandra and her friend Melissa at Broughton for some climbing. I lead some 5.9+ mixed route, then onsighted Shear Stress, 10a. Proud because I haven't done routes in a while, and haven't done any trad since last year. We finished up on Classic Crack into Red Eye, 10a and 10c. I don't care that Classic Crack is 5.9+ in the book. It's at least 10a. Don't sass me about it either.

Saturday I chilled, mowed the front yard, worked out, and chilled with Nathan and another friend, Michelle. Grilled some pork and watched The Ultimate Fighter season 7 finale. I'm glad Amir won, same for Grove.

Today, more chillin'. Bouldered at the PRG for a few hours, which was good. I'm doing v5s easily, and some v6s, but not lately. Funny thing though, I'm close on 2 v7s. Maybe I work them because they suit me better. Dunno, but I feel I need to train my finger strength again.

My goal for tomorrow: Avoid a migraine Monday.

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