Monday, June 23, 2008

MMA Judges are Whack

Season 7 of The Ultimate Fighter was on Sat night, and the main event was Kendall Grove vs Evan Tanner. 2 judges had the fight 30-26 Grove, while one had 29-28 Tanner. That means 2 judges thought Grove won all three rounds and Tanner did so poorly in a round they saw fit to take away a point. The other judge thought Tanner won 2 of the rounds. While I personally think it was 30-27 Grove, maybe closer to 29-28 Grove, it definitely was NOT 30-26. You gotta be a pretty big scrub to get a point taken away, which judges seem to be doing more of lately. The Faber-Pulver fight was scored 50-44, which means Pulver lost all rounds and an extra point in one of the rounds. He's the only person to take Faber to that kind of distance. Just for that he should get 50-45.

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Mr. Interweb said...

For real. I was actually watching that fight if you can believe it, and I thought it was pretty clear that Grove was handing it to Tanner. I was surprised to hear that 29-28 from that one judge. I really wanted Tanner to win though. Something about that Grizzly Adams look just told me that he was going to dominate. I was wrong.