Monday, June 23, 2008

Helium Jeans Not a Good Idea

Yeah, I get it, an ad. But in the latest WashU magazine, there's a short article about the dwindling helium resources. Concerning the largest helium reserve outside Amarillo, Texas

... supplies are expected to be exhausted there within the next eight years.

While the main use of helium is cooling lab equipment, imagine not having any left on Earth in the next 20 years. We could run out of it much sooner than oil, which is kinda strange to think about.


kiki said...

on february 22nd i received a get well balloon from my coworkers... it is still floating. if it's still going in 8 years i might be the last person on earth in possession of helium, don't ya think?

jesse said...

that'll be one magical balloon.

kiki said...

well it's been going strong for 4 months now... anything could happen.