Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Image Resizing Tech

All I gotta say is wow.

Monday, June 23, 2008

MMA Judges are Whack

Season 7 of The Ultimate Fighter was on Sat night, and the main event was Kendall Grove vs Evan Tanner. 2 judges had the fight 30-26 Grove, while one had 29-28 Tanner. That means 2 judges thought Grove won all three rounds and Tanner did so poorly in a round they saw fit to take away a point. The other judge thought Tanner won 2 of the rounds. While I personally think it was 30-27 Grove, maybe closer to 29-28 Grove, it definitely was NOT 30-26. You gotta be a pretty big scrub to get a point taken away, which judges seem to be doing more of lately. The Faber-Pulver fight was scored 50-44, which means Pulver lost all rounds and an extra point in one of the rounds. He's the only person to take Faber to that kind of distance. Just for that he should get 50-45.

Helium Jeans Not a Good Idea

Yeah, I get it, an ad. But in the latest WashU magazine, there's a short article about the dwindling helium resources. Concerning the largest helium reserve outside Amarillo, Texas

... supplies are expected to be exhausted there within the next eight years.

While the main use of helium is cooling lab equipment, imagine not having any left on Earth in the next 20 years. We could run out of it much sooner than oil, which is kinda strange to think about.

Hella Fuckin' Balls-to-the-Wall Awesome

Supreme Court Rules That Death Penalty Is 'Totally Badass'

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sweet Memorial Day Weekend

Thursday night Nathan and I went to see She Wants Revenge. At first I thought they played at the Roseland. Once there, I saw they were playing at the Crystal Ballroom. Get there and a sign says they're at Hawthorne Theatre, back across the river. Awesome... we were just there! Badass show though.

Since I worked on Memorial Day, I took Friday off. Nathan and I met his friend Sandra and her friend Melissa at Broughton for some climbing. I lead some 5.9+ mixed route, then onsighted Shear Stress, 10a. Proud because I haven't done routes in a while, and haven't done any trad since last year. We finished up on Classic Crack into Red Eye, 10a and 10c. I don't care that Classic Crack is 5.9+ in the book. It's at least 10a. Don't sass me about it either.

Saturday I chilled, mowed the front yard, worked out, and chilled with Nathan and another friend, Michelle. Grilled some pork and watched The Ultimate Fighter season 7 finale. I'm glad Amir won, same for Grove.

Today, more chillin'. Bouldered at the PRG for a few hours, which was good. I'm doing v5s easily, and some v6s, but not lately. Funny thing though, I'm close on 2 v7s. Maybe I work them because they suit me better. Dunno, but I feel I need to train my finger strength again.

My goal for tomorrow: Avoid a migraine Monday.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

401st post from Ubuntu 8.04

The upgrade went very well, and I'm running the latest. FF3 on Ubuntu is much faster. Since I really only used my desktop at home for web surfing, having a sluggish browser was a bit painful. No more.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

400th Post = Get Firefox 3!!!

Firefox 3 is available today, so go get it! If you'd like to run both FF2 and FF3 side-by-side, check this howto on youtube. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Technically SFW

A very clever idea, with a good song. And is that Dizzee Rascal?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Finally, a really good looking laptop that's not a Mac

The new Voodoo Envy 133... wow.

Engadget has some pics, a video, and possible comparison specs with the Lenovo X300 and MacBook Air.

The instant on is very nice, and I bet I could rip Vista off real quick and hit up Ubuntu. Actually, I wonder why Voodoo doesn't make their own version of Ubuntu, or at least provide a really nice looking theme. Probably price tag of $2000 on the Envy is right up my alley.

And that Omen looks super sexy.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Some may be photoshopped

but I'm pretty sure some aren't. Some are stupid, some are kinda funny. One reminds me of a roommate in college. Caught in time.

The Perfect Job For Me?


3 typing things

To The Limit

And my hands start to sweat. The Huber brothers are easily the most badass sibling/climbing team out there, if not the most badass team. Check this trailer.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Automating Repository Setup/Mirroring with svnsync

If you're interested in doing some svn mirroring with svnsync, first read Jeremy Whitlock's article on Mirroring Repositories with svnsync. Then, read the rest of this post, which contains bash scripts that should help you automate the process of creating new repositories for mirroring.

Update: Click on the links noted as (script) to see the Pastie.

Our svn server blew up a few weeks ago, and I had to come back into the office from 12 - 3am to get it running on another box. This got me a little paranoid about our data. While the server was running RAID I, it was all in house. So, after getting a new Dell server, I installed Ubuntu 8.04 Server (64bit) on both the new server and a slice at slicehost (great company!) and wrote the following scripts, which are up on Pastie.

On the servers, I'm assuming the directory structure:

  • /srv
    • /svn
      • /repos
      • /config

/config contains a shared authz.conf (script), passwd.conf (script) and svnserve.conf (script). Click the links to see examples.

On the main svn server, create a bash script called create_repo and paste in the contents of this script: create_repo (script).
You then want to change the ownership and make it executable:
sudo chown user:group create_repo
sudo a+x create_repo

Now, you can execute
sudo create_repo my_new_repo
and the new repo will be created.

NOTE: line 72 of the create_repo (script) script copies the post-commit (script) hook from an existing repo that already works. For the life of me I couldn't get that into the create script and have it work. It worked on my test repo, and that's why I'm copying it INTO my_new_repo. So, you might want to do the first one manually, which you can pretty much follow the steps from the script itself. If you make it work please leave a comment!

UPDATE: SVN doesn't include your environment when executing the hooks, so make sure you're fully qualifying executables in the scrips. /usr/bin/svnsync instead of just svnsync

Ok, now we have the new repo set up on the main host and the post-commit hook script in the right spot. Like the last line says, now it's time to log onto the mirror and execute the next script.

On the mirror create the same structure, and put the same files in the config folder. Now you can create syncsetup by pasting in the following code: syncsetup (script). Notice line 71, which again, copies the pre-revprop-change (script) hook script from a repo that already works. Just like the create_repo script, you might want to run each command manually now too to iron out any issues with your implementation.

Run the following to make the script executable:
sudo a+x syncsetup

Hopefully it'll work, ya know? If you get some strange "svn is locked" or "svnsync pre-revprop-change hook failed with error output" message, try deleting the rev prop on revision 0 of the mirrored repo. Check out this thread too.

If you need help, please post in the comments. I'm hoping the content above makes sense and works for you first try. However, I've been at work since 6am today and I'm fried. And I'll TRY to help, don't get upset if I can't/don't. Good luck!

UPDATE: I couldn't get the post-commit hook to fire properly, so I moved it out into a script and I run it as a cron job. I'm not happy about it, but I think SVN should also give me nice error messages. Go Git?!?


I've been watching a lot of MMA lately. The best thing I could have done was to put Cage Potato in my Google Reader. There's been a lot of talk recently about fighter salaries. What I find almost insane is the, in my opinion, measly wages paid to some fighters, especially if they lose and/or get injured.

Here are the payouts for UFC 84 and WEC 34. Back in the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, I heard Forrest Griffin would become a 12 and 12 fighter, which means he'd earn $12,000 to fight, and a $12,000 bonus if he won. Looking at the UFC 84 salaries, it's mind-bending that Jon Koppenhaver earned $8000 while Keith Jardine, who knocked out Forrest Griffin, beat Chuck Liddell, AND was in a HUGE fight that night in terms of promotional value, earned $10,000. Maybe fighters earn less if they're knocked out quickly? I mean, Jardine beat Wilson Gouveia in the past, but earned $8000 LESS this fight?

However, I've found a few links that suggest the fighters are taken care of outside their contract. In this post-fight press conference (7:15 into the vid), Dana White alludes to Jardine being paid more, yet he won't tell. Sounds more like he's stringing the reporter on, but it might be a good idea so fans don't get a sour taste in their mouths.

Spread Firefox

Seriously, pledge and get it.

I've actually put off running it because I need FF2 at work. But once it goes live... oh man. Upgrade, here I come!

Videos I've been meaning to post

I actually have a lot I've been meaning to write, and since I'm at work at 6:30am, today will probably be the day.

While it seems extreme, Hypermiling also looks kinda fun. And if it saves some gas, I'm all for it. I've already been shifting into neutral when going down hills.

If only Sex and the City were this funny, I still wouldn't watch it.

Kids do say the darndest things. Is that even how you spell it?

Not the best James Bond flick, but the funniest.

This is how I envisioned my graduation speech going, which is probably why I wasn't picked.

Andy... PUNCH!

Ok, I know that was stupid, but it was also funny.

With one of the coolest names for a band, I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness video for a great song:

Matumbo Goldberg. Gangsta adoption and shit.

A robotic lamp. Sounds super boring, but it's the real life version of Tony Stark's assistants.