Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Oh the past few weeks

Lemme see... Started another session of soccer. Though we beat that team before, we lost 2-4.

Went climbing down around Bend last week which was really fun. You can check the pics here. We hit Widgi Creek the first day, Smith and the Outward Bound base camp the 2nd, and the OB base camp on the 3rd. It's an easy drive from here through Salem. Weather was great, and the amenities were posh. We stayed in a resort apartment and chilled in the hot tub. Good times.

Started working on a project with merb and datamapper and will be using jquery so that should be fun.

Next week I head to StL for my 5th year reunion. I'm stoked to see some old friends from school as well as the gym. Werd.

Oh yeah, here are some vids.

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