Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's hard to give 24 Fitness your money

Tonight at 24 Hour Fitness I tried signing up for some training sessions. They have a good deal going on, but I'm really doing it because my yoga instructor Marchond will be my trainer and she has a wealth of knowledge to share. Plus, I'll get stronger for the climbing season. Anyway, Marchond tried signing me up for 6 sessions in their GLOBAL MEMBER SYSTEM (worst name ever) but we kept getting an error "Number or Date not correct. Please format dates like 'DD-MM-YYYY'"

First, there was one date and one number on the registration page. The date: my birthdate, which was pre-populated 09-28-1981 from my member number. If you enter it like the error page said, it would be 28-09-1981, yet that is not the CORRECT format. Nice error message guys. The number: number of sessions, which was 6. Other than that, there was no field that could cause an error. All required fields were filled out correctly, yet this POS system wouldn't register me. Anthony tried, no luck. Josh and Steve tried, no luck. We tried on a different computer (same web-based app though) so of course that didn't work. Needless to say that bug that slipped through their last push wasted a combined 2 hours of everyone's time IN THIS ONE SESSION.

The quote to sum it all up:
Usually if you try a bunch of different stuff it'll eventually let you go on.
-- Steve

All I'm saying is QA your freaking software. Doesn't surprise me though, being some crappy ASP.NET (probably 1.1) app that I bet had little to no testing.

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