Monday, April 14, 2008

5th Year College Reunion

I'm very glad I went! Though the weather was shitty there and nice here, I managed to have a great time. I flew in Wednesday night and took the new Shrewsbury line on the Metro to my friend Kessell's. Thursday I set a few problems at the old Upper Limits and climbed with my buddy Rob and the Venkers, along with Brandi (the manager) and her beau Alan. That night I had a fantastic dinner with 2 former roommates, Jea Hyun and Grace. Jea's been living in Korea for the last 2 years and I haven't seen Grace in about as long.

Friday I walked around campus quite a bit. It's changed a lot but it's still nice. The kids are hella young! When I met Jea on the South 40 for lunch, we witnessed a HUGE water balloon fight. It was really cold and windy and muddy, but looked like a blast.

That night was the first reunion function, held in the Quad. I got to see quite a few people, Phil Jones, Phil Valko, Pat, Kurt Amundson, Jason Green, Scott and Heidi from my freshman floor, and quite a few others.

Saturday morning we had brunch at Center Court. Gloria wasn't there but 2 profs were: Lo and Bill Smart. I wasn't expecting to see either one so I was really stoked to see them there. Lo hasn't changed. I was expecting he'd be down in Mexico by now. Bill's been doing some crazy research at the Wash U Med School (think robot hands controlled by your brain) and it was rad to talk to him. On the way out we tried to teach the kids about fork apple, but they didn't get it. They were also pre-frosh, so it was basically a wasted opportunity. They all look the same when they're that young.

I made my way down to the new Mildred Lane Kemper art museum on campus. The building was very nice and the exhibits were rad. Saw a few Picassos and a Warhol. The money museum downstairs was very interesting too. Did you know at one point we had 62.5 cent notes floating around? I met Lauren Brown, who's basically living my dream of quitting her job and traveling to SE Asia. Someday...

I hung out in the library again and then made my way back to the South 40 for the Soirée on the Swamp: Remixed which was, because of the cold temps and mud, held in Center Court. I saw Dave Levy and met his fiancée, Alex and Emily.

Later that night we all met up at a bar down by SLU for a private party which was hella fun. Lots of good looking smart people ;-) I saw a few more friends I hadn't seen the previous day and did a little dancing to boot. It was nice to see everyone having a shitload of fun.

Sunday Kessell and I went climbing at the gym where I saw Bill and met his wife and daughter, and even saw Dario (80 yr old climber still pulling down. My idol!) and even Sofie (after she FINALLY recognized me,) then I met up with Tracey and had lunch at her house with her hubby Michael. He's not as bad as I thought. And one of their cats reads and blogs. The visit was too short.

At the airport I saw Joe Kelly and talked with him for a while. Flight back to Denver was uneventful, as was back to Portland. Though I like StL, I'm still happy with my decision to move out here. There's hella good people down there though.

StL Spring 2008

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