Sunday, March 09, 2008

Oh Rose... pt 3

No, Jesse, you got confused. She never said anything to any of your friends because I am not and never was your friend. However, you did talk shit to my friends about me instead of actually coming to me like a real person and stating your concerns. That is why you are a shit talker.

Ok, so what exactly did I say? If you're so sure I "talked shit" then why don't you fill me in... And I couldn't care less what Erin thinks of me. If she's not going to let me know then it's not worth bringing up. Hell, she might even be right!

Really, it's too bad this all came about this way. We're short women, and we even asked you to come back. At least the games are a little more fun without feeling the need to apologize to the other team.

But hey, you convinced me; I'm a shit talker. You won. I hope that makes you feel better. I hope you enjoy that victory. As for me, I'm going to enjoy playing with the team.

At this point I'm done. It was fun for a day, while any more will just make it drag out.

So remember kids, having an opinion might make you a shit talker. Especially when you say it out loud. ESPECIALLY when it's regarding a 100lb Turk!

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