Sunday, March 09, 2008

Oh Rose... pt 2

I don't care what you do, Jesse. It is not about who is friends with whom. I know you weren't and are not my friend. The fact is, you are within your rights to say what you want. But, don't get scared when someone calls you on your two-faced self. If you didn't like me, you should have said it on day one, to my face. I don't care if we're friends but I would never have played on a team with someone who is obviously passive aggressive. Can't say shit to my face, but you can talk it. Sorry you didn't like my gestures, maybe you just need to open your mind, or maybe you will once you get a few more years of experience in life. As for what you said in the emails, why did you not let me see them? If there was nothing wrong in what was said, I think it would have been nice to let the person whom you are talking about, be able to defend themselves. I don't mind dropping the topic though, because you are right, I am passionate and you do not want to be friends with that type of person. I am glad you are the hero for everyone else and can speak for everyone else's uncomfort. Lucky I never spoke for my girlfriend and told you what she really thought of you!

And my response:
I took you off the email list because you quit the team, not because I didn't want to give you the chance to respond. To be honest, I don't remember being scared over any of this. It's just a case of me rolling my eyes, that's all. Me saying you were passionate was in a sense defending your actions. We all get worked up; I sure as hell did at our midnight game, but I try not to let it go to the point I embarrass my teammates. I don't see how I am the hero for anyone, as I just related my own thoughts. And as for your girlfriend's thoughts, I guess she's a shit talker too if she won't say it to my face, huh? So I guess that makes you a hypocrite. Sucks to be you!

Is it bad I'm having a little fun with this?

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Lawless said...

I guess the apple doesn't fall very far from the pine tree. Sounds like she need to be under construction to me.