Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Last Game of the Season

We've been having discussions about our team, in that not everyone is dedicated. So, we got a little more hardline and we're cutting loose the fat. If you can't make it to 80% of the games, you don't get to be on the team. Money is due at the 2nd game, and it's $5/game for subs. Werd.

So, the game on Friday... We were playing the buddy system, and Michael Lary was my buddy. We'd play ~4 minutes then sub out. I scored a wicked bouncing one-touch from a high angle for our first point. I subbed out for ML, then on my next turn in, let an alternate, Joel, go in for me. He scored almost immediately! They scored a few, and in the 2nd half Joyce scored our 3rd goal to take it home. We kinda beat up the other team though, and we felt bad. They didn't have as many subs, and one girl hurt her ankle. I was challenging a guy, probably their best player, and I kicked him REAL GOOD in the back of the ankle. He went down and couldn't play for a good 10-15min.

Anyway, Sunday we have our first game of the next session, and we're all psyched to play.

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