Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year to Corry and Rochelle!

Last Friday I took my first redeye flight down to Houston for Corry and Rochelle's wedding. I met Rochelle my freshman year of college, where we threw the frisbee and climbed rocks together. She's actually the one that suggested I hook up with the outdoor club to hit Upper Limits in Bloomington. Corry I met at the climbing gym, where we worked together for quite a while.

Saturday: I arrived at Corry's apartment around 7am CST and slept for 3 or 4 hours. Most of the groomsmen were already there; I was the only bridesman. We went to a Japanese restaurant where Rochelle's "Aunt" Sandi, her mom's co-worker Randy and his partner Alex treated us to a delicious bento lunch. We then went down to The Chocolate Bar and ate way too much cake and iced cream. Picked up the tuxes and then went to Marilyn and Randy's (Rochelle's parents) VERY nice, new house. Family and friends came over and the guys played the Wii.

Sunday: We checked into the Hotel Zaza and then went to the rehearsal. I could tell the room would be pretty much perfect. It was actually the same room Marilyn and Randy got married 30-some years ago. Rehearsal went smoothly then we went to the rehearsal dinner. The speeches were decently short and mainly sweet, except when Uncle Dennis ripped on Matt and his junk. Totally inappropriate, TOTALLY hilarious (for me.) We partied then went back to the hotel and chilled in the Conspiracy Room until late.

Monday: I woke up around 11 and a group of us went to Rice Village for brunch. Afterwards, it being 70 degrees or even warmer, we hung out by the pool. I got some much needed sun. Tuxes were donned and more pictures taken. Corry and Rochelle signed the ketubah and I talked with her grandfather for a while. The wedding itself was amazing. He walked, we walked, she walked, she circled, he circled, the rabbi praised and the cantor sang. The groom stepped on the glass and we were out of there. The hors d'oeuvre were incredible: sushi, ceviche, lamb chops, button mushroom thingies... so tasty. Dinner, more speeches, then dancing. I usually am not one to dance, but I had a great time on the dance floor. Mind you, it's New Years Eve, so at midnight we did the countdown and then danced until 2 or so. I took pictures with girls that thought I looked like Jesus, then went to bed.

Tuesday: Headed down to brunch at 11am and stuffed myself. Checked out and went back to Marilyn and Randy's until my flight. Everyone was very nice and I'm amazed at how good a time I had. I'm going to try and compile the pictures, but I'll post more as they come in.

Corry and Rochelle's Wedding (Dave's pictures)

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