Friday, January 04, 2008

Factor may lead to Murder

Zed Shaw, creator of the wonderful little Mongrel application server, wrote a rant the other day. While there are plenty of responses to that rant that have to do with Ruby, Rails, business and community ethics, this "response" has to do with my bad night of sleep last night, BECAUSE of Zed. That's right, I'm blaming you.

Lemme preface with my curiosity of languages. When I hear of a new language (well, new to me) I look it up and make a snap judgment as to whether I like it. If it's familiar (and by that I mean syntax like C# or Javascript) then I'll like it. If there's some badass framework that 1) makes my life easier and 2) is just cool in general, then I'll like it. Otherwise, I hate it.

I had heard about Factor a few months ago. In Zed's recent rant, he mentions he'll be looking into Python, Factor and Lua in the coming months. So yesterday I did some research into Factor, and found it to be interesting. Zed also mentioned that he was hosting a Factor hackfest in NYC.

So, how could Factor lead to murder? In my dream last night, I was at work (I know, eww) and I heard there was a local Factor group meeting in like... 10 minutes. The main presenter was in my neighborhood and it wasn't far from work, so we drove down there. [THIS is where it starts getting weird] But he pulled off into a field and started playing catch with a dog. I had some money in the door handle of the car, and when another guy came over, I got out of the car and put the money in my pocket. They ended up wanting me to stick around, but I was nervous, so I escaped.

Once I got onto the street, I saw my friend Yosh and his wife Polina eating. I shouted at them to get in their car but they moved too slowly. So there's me, running down the street, being chased by these 3 guys. I finally whip out my pocket knife and turn to face them. We get into a minor scuffle, but I'm able to flag down the authorities. Of course there's someone in the crowd working for these gangsters, and they relay a bogus story to the cops.

Then I'm in my mom's house in Chesterton Indiana. I'm cleaning my feet in the bathroom as she lectures me about using butter while I cook. [Random] The 3 guys knock on the door with some girls, asking to talk to me. My mom tried to shut them out but they started to barge their way in. I ran over and started beating them with a workout machine carabiner, and finally pushed the leader over a balcony. Then, to teach the rest a lesson, I pushed one of the girls over too. Pretty sure I killed them both.

So, I woke up in a very cold, wet sweat. My bed was soaked and I was quite annoyed. At that point I decided to just get up, it being 6:30. As you can see, it's all Zed's fault. If he hadn't written Mongrel I would have gotten a good night sleep. Thanks you conceited, smug, hateful motherfucker!

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