Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Circa Survive + Guests

Last night Shandra and I went to see Circa Survive at the Hawthorne Theater. The first opener we saw was the Dear Hunter. The first song on their MySpace page isn't really what they sound like most of the time but it's still good. They were quite good. The next band, Ours... mixed review on this one. While each song individually sounded good, every song kinda sounded like the last, like it belonged in a battle scene in 300 or some vampire movie. The singer said it took them 5 years to make their last album. I figured you could write some different sounding songs in that time.

Circa Survive, as always, put on a great show. Last time I saw them they were opening for Thursday and they had a normal stage show. This time around they had confetti, bubbles, beachball-sized balloons, and these bigger balloons maybe 3ft in diameter. The crowd had a blast with all that stuff. We sat in the back on this bench and watched people trip over the corner of the raised platform the bench was on. At a point so many people had tripped it had become ridiculous.

I saw that Circa is touring with Coheed & Cambria, so hopefully they'll stop up this way.

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