Saturday, November 03, 2007

Broughton on a Beautiful November Day

Today I went with Gary to Broughton Bluff, his old stomping ground and a local area I haven't spent too much time at. My mom, brother and his girlfriend were also going to come down so Nathan could climb and my mom could take photos. There were quite a few people out enjoying the sunny mid-50 degree weather.

After warming up on a little 10a, 5.9 toprope and 11b toprope we went down to the right side of the Bat Wall to do Superstition, 10d. It's a little tricky at the bottom, with some fun climbing then a slab traverse that took me quite a bit to work out.

Once I figured it out,

I moved up into this corner. Gary remembered there being a fixed pin right above my head for an easy clip.

It was actually a few feet back on a higher block I couldn't reach. I was pretty run out at this point, over to the side and above a slab. Plus, my mom was there and I didn't want to fall and get hurt. So I ended up starting that crux as a boulder problem by moving to the outside, then I could get up.

Once up I was relieved it was over and now will either bring a small cam with or just do that corner crux faster.

Nathan did really well toproping this route! He made it up to the slab traverse without falling or taking, which I was proud of. My mom got some really good shots of him with the shadow from a tree too.

Gary of course cruised the basalt trickery.

Check out the rest of the photos here.

After that episode I got on Dracula, 12a. SUPER physical but really cool. I think it's hard for the grade, and it's got some great moves on it, so hopefully I can get back soon and tick it.

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