Thursday, November 29, 2007

Snowmen and Jimmy Dean

His woman is "plump" yet he loves that sausage!

Transfer Emails to Gmail/Google Apps for Domain

A friend of mine had some email in her work account she wanted to back up because she was going to give her 2 weeks notice today. (it went well!) Not only was she trying to back up emails in an Exchange server through Outlook 2003, her new computer is a MacBook with Leopard. It's nice. But you can't just copy the emails over...

I found a couple articles, one suggesting I use Microsoft's Entourage (F no!) or install Thunderbird on her XP box, synch Outlook, then transfer over to Thunderbird in Leopard. Thunderbird choked trying to import Outlook's settings, so plan C: import to Gmail using IMAP. DUH!

With whatever client is supported that you want to use, just set up Gmail to accept IMAP in that client, then drag over the emails you want to move. So freaking simple! Gmail is smart about how you move things over too. Check out the IMAP actions in Gmail page to see why it's a great solution. Flagged messages get starred. Messages in folders get applied a label. Messages in subfolders get applied Folder1/Folder2/Folder3 labels.

I'd love to switch over to Google Apps at work, and will be using this technique to transfer email.

F-Spot... no need for Picasa on Linux

When switching over to run Ubuntu at home, I had a very short list of desktop applications I needed to use.
  • some multi-IM client (Pidgin is rad on both Windoze and Ubuntu)
  • some email client (Thunderbird, cross platform goodness)
  • some photo manager that could upload to Picasa
first 2 were no brainers, but the third...
So I installed Picasa for Linux but it I couldn't get it to upload to my Picasa Web account. Needless to say, I was disappointed. However, 2 sites were recommended for open source alternatives:
F-Spot was already installed on Ubuntu, so I fired it up, connected to my Picasa web account adn uploaded a test image to an existing gallery without a hitch.

It's nice when things just work!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

2-2 vs the Biscuits

I played keeper until Nathan scored his second goal, then we switched. Almost immediately they scored... and then a little later they scored again :-(

I wasn't doing much good out on the field anyway. Nick got tripped up by some girl that almost kicked Joe's ass (he was in the stands "cheering" no less)


Sunday, November 18, 2007

3-7, ouch!

We lost our game last night 3-7. Going in to half-time we were tied at 3. Nick "So Sweetly" Wheatly and Shaun "One Skinny Mother F*cker" Jackson each scored one (Shaun's first!) and then the opposing team had an own-goal. I played keeper and was not having that great of a game. About 5 min into the 2nd half I pulled my right quad pretty badly, so I was having a hard time moving around and kicking the ball. 3 of the next 4 goals I should have stopped. I just hope next Saturday someone else can play keeper so I can run with Nathan, err... Lucas.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ghetto Fab House


Reality: (at time of Google Street View capture)

Google Street View is my new favorite real estate tool!

Jesus Toy House

So a coworker as been looking around at houses, and she sent me a link, saying "You gotta look at the pics for this house!" I've been giving her a few tips, so I thought it was along those lines.

So I'm checking out the pics, and I see that maybe Jesus was involved in the carpentry since his pic is up on the wall.

The coworker had said to look next to the cat food. Mind you, this is a professional real estate site... or at least I thought it was! Is it reasonable to ask if the toy conveys?

And to top it off, they have a fantasy tiger poster ABOVE the shower in the bathroom with high ceilings (notice realtor's misspelling. Nice attention to detail!)


I don't know who came up with lolcatz originally, but it's quite the phenomenon.

Here are a few sights to watch. Good for a chuckle if not a nice big laugh.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Circa Survive + Guests

Last night Shandra and I went to see Circa Survive at the Hawthorne Theater. The first opener we saw was the Dear Hunter. The first song on their MySpace page isn't really what they sound like most of the time but it's still good. They were quite good. The next band, Ours... mixed review on this one. While each song individually sounded good, every song kinda sounded like the last, like it belonged in a battle scene in 300 or some vampire movie. The singer said it took them 5 years to make their last album. I figured you could write some different sounding songs in that time.

Circa Survive, as always, put on a great show. Last time I saw them they were opening for Thursday and they had a normal stage show. This time around they had confetti, bubbles, beachball-sized balloons, and these bigger balloons maybe 3ft in diameter. The crowd had a blast with all that stuff. We sat in the back on this bench and watched people trip over the corner of the raised platform the bench was on. At a point so many people had tripped it had become ridiculous.

I saw that Circa is touring with Coheed & Cambria, so hopefully they'll stop up this way.

Black Diamond's First Game, Season 3

It was a well-played game on both sides. We had pretty much everyone from the old crew besides Joyce (I'd rather be climbing it Utah too!) and it was quite a bit of fun. We lost 1-0, but that single goal was not a big deal. We all played quite well, including me. I was actually surprised because I have not run any since our last game. I managed to stay mostly unwinded. I had 2 left-footed shots on goal, and a couple more with the right. They were good shots too, so I'm psyched. Even though we played on Saturday, I'm still a little sore today (yeah... Wednesday!)

Next game, Saturday.

Friday, November 09, 2007

My First Hip-Hop Show?

Last night I met up with my friend Q to see some hip-hop at the Roseland. Del tha Funkee Homosapien was headlining, opened by a band I missed, Buku One, and Devin the Dude. Buku was pretty rad. He had some really good flow and entertaining lyrics. Devin the Dude? What a STROKE! It was an hour long set about bitches, pussy and weed. At one point the bass was up so loud you couldn't even hear the words and I had to cover my ears. I was pretty much just waiting for him and his posse to get off the stage. The blind rapper he had with him though was pretty good and cool to see.

Then came Del. I only stayed for a few songs, but he was tight. An incredible amount of talent and fun songs. Hopefully I can see him again and I won't be as tired.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Monday, November 05, 2007

Witness the Justice

Today was I was a witness in court for the District Attorney on that accident I saw in late February. It finally came to court after being set over once by the DA and 3 times by the defendant.

So I'm in the DA's office by 8:15am and Mike (the "victim") walks in, and the Assistant DA takes us into a small room and starts asking us questions like she will in court. It's all pretty straightforward.

We wait for a while outside the courtroom, and up walks Thad, a climber I know from the PRG who's also from the Midwest, climbed at Jackson Falls.

"What are you doing here?" - Thad
"I got in trouble. Actually I'm here to testify." - me
"You're a witness? Wait, for the Carlson-Ham case?" - Thad
He immediately turns around and walks away. I start laughing...

A bit of time passes as I wait to be called in. I see the cops being buddy-buddy with the DAs and the public defenders. Not so unlike what I've seen on TV.

I'm called in, sworn in (didn't have to say "so help me God" which might have been an issue) and the ADA starts her questions. About 1/2 way through her line of questions the judge notices the defendant's waiver of a trial bu jury had not been signed by the judge, presiding over what is now a bench trial. So they put the questions on hold for a minute to sort that out, and then the ADA continues.

When Thad started his cross:
"Mr. Cooke, is it true that you know me." - Thad
"Yes" - me
"This won't affect your testimony in any way, will it?" - Thad
"No, not at all" - me
"Wait wait, how do you two know each other Mr. Cooke?" - Judge You
"From the rock climbing gym." - me

And that was that. He only asked a few questions then I was excused and allowed to leave. I had a nice bike ride to work, getting there just after 11, so I had a long day ahead of me.

The experience was quite fun actually. I'd like to go sit in on some trials and see first-hand how the system works (or doesn't)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Broughton on a Beautiful November Day

Today I went with Gary to Broughton Bluff, his old stomping ground and a local area I haven't spent too much time at. My mom, brother and his girlfriend were also going to come down so Nathan could climb and my mom could take photos. There were quite a few people out enjoying the sunny mid-50 degree weather.

After warming up on a little 10a, 5.9 toprope and 11b toprope we went down to the right side of the Bat Wall to do Superstition, 10d. It's a little tricky at the bottom, with some fun climbing then a slab traverse that took me quite a bit to work out.

Once I figured it out,

I moved up into this corner. Gary remembered there being a fixed pin right above my head for an easy clip.

It was actually a few feet back on a higher block I couldn't reach. I was pretty run out at this point, over to the side and above a slab. Plus, my mom was there and I didn't want to fall and get hurt. So I ended up starting that crux as a boulder problem by moving to the outside, then I could get up.

Once up I was relieved it was over and now will either bring a small cam with or just do that corner crux faster.

Nathan did really well toproping this route! He made it up to the slab traverse without falling or taking, which I was proud of. My mom got some really good shots of him with the shadow from a tree too.

Gary of course cruised the basalt trickery.

Check out the rest of the photos here.

After that episode I got on Dracula, 12a. SUPER physical but really cool. I think it's hard for the grade, and it's got some great moves on it, so hopefully I can get back soon and tick it.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Just To Make Your Hands Sweat

Not a new development but still amazing: Sonnie Trotter sending Cobra Crack in Squish.