Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm a model you know what I mean

and I did my little turn in Keen shoes. Monday and Tuesday I was a model for the Fall/Winter '08 catalog for Keen, a shoe and bag company out here in Portland. Here's how the 2 days went.

Monday, I woke up beautiful. Like, whoa! I met Johanna a little after 7am to drive out to ZigZag to meet the other models, or as we are now known as: talent. Brodi, Richard and Alica were already out there freezing their asses off. It's a little cooler up in the sticks. Chris, the photographer and his assistant Charlie showed up shortly after with Tanya, the art director, and a few others. After intros we went to the first spot down by a river. The sun was amazing; sifting through the spider-like moss covered branches of this awesome tree. After some shots there we headed out to a trail for some wetter shots, then up to Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood for some snow shots. The sun was setting as we ended the day in warm weather on a fantastic mountain.

Tuesday morning I met the new set of talent at Yoga in the Pearl for our urban shots. We hung out in the Pearl district all day, which was nice because it was warm and sunny. We finished up the day at the Ace Hotel, sitting on these couches around a table, feet up for shoe and sock shots. We all had a great time.

Hopefully I can do some more modeling in the future. Never thought I'd say that... first, I gotta get paid!

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