Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tieton, not Squish

For Labor Day weekend this year Shandra and I were going to go to Squamish, but decided to head out to Tieton instead. Worked out better since there was less driving, free camping, and good company.

Saturday we climbed at Deadheads wall at Lava Point. The routes there were really fun, several being very classic.

Sunday we hit Wildcat/Honeycomb Wall. Everyone else was on some tenuous looking 11a that would have spit me off and just frustrated me. So, with nothing to warm up on, I got on a SUPER classic 11c called Land Down Under. You can see Johanna and Joe on it in the photos.

Monday consisted of an early morning but late start. We went down to the Dream Wall and did a few 10s with slightly sketchy rock. Then Scott talked me into getting on this 11a. Luckily I flashed it, because it's a bad fall if you don't clip that first bolt! You can see Scott on the first few moves in the cave.

Just a few pics
, hopefully more when Shandra gets hers online.

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