Monday, September 24, 2007

Exposé, Flip3D, Switcher, TopDesk and DeskSpace... anything else?

I read quite a few blogs, and 2 of my favorite are Scott Hanselman's and Jeff Atwood's. They both kinda blog about the same stuff, ranging from cool technologies and best practices to developer tips and Microsoft stuff. Each one posted recently about window navigation in Vista.

Scott loves Otaku's DeskSpace, and I do agree it looks pretty cool. It basically gives you the Beryl/Compiz Fusion cube desktop space on Vista. Browsing a little more on Otaku's site brought me to TopDesk, a Exposé/Flip3D window navigator for Vista and down to XP. I'm not sure if Scott also loves TopDesk... but I know Jeff doesn't.

In a recent post, Jeff goes into quite a few reasons why Flip3D isn't any good. He recommends Switcher, a free Exposé-like window navigator that is really quite sweet. I've been using it at work and I get that squishy "mac" feeling that I thought I'd never have on a Vista box. The best part: Switcher is free. I can't say I'd be willing for fork over the $20 for DeskSpace when Switcher and Flip3D do the job well enough. I guess if I were running Vista Home Basic (eww) or even XP, maybe... but probably not. Easy enough to go with what's free.

I'll be playing around with Compiz in Ubuntu 7.10 in the next few months. I have other things I'd like to finish before I start playing around with all that stuff...

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