Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Want to transfer big files? Use!

I started using a few weeks ago and I love it. I haven't tried DropZone yet, but I'm sure it works well. Such a great, free service.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Exposé, Flip3D, Switcher, TopDesk and DeskSpace... anything else?

I read quite a few blogs, and 2 of my favorite are Scott Hanselman's and Jeff Atwood's. They both kinda blog about the same stuff, ranging from cool technologies and best practices to developer tips and Microsoft stuff. Each one posted recently about window navigation in Vista.

Scott loves Otaku's DeskSpace, and I do agree it looks pretty cool. It basically gives you the Beryl/Compiz Fusion cube desktop space on Vista. Browsing a little more on Otaku's site brought me to TopDesk, a Exposé/Flip3D window navigator for Vista and down to XP. I'm not sure if Scott also loves TopDesk... but I know Jeff doesn't.

In a recent post, Jeff goes into quite a few reasons why Flip3D isn't any good. He recommends Switcher, a free Exposé-like window navigator that is really quite sweet. I've been using it at work and I get that squishy "mac" feeling that I thought I'd never have on a Vista box. The best part: Switcher is free. I can't say I'd be willing for fork over the $20 for DeskSpace when Switcher and Flip3D do the job well enough. I guess if I were running Vista Home Basic (eww) or even XP, maybe... but probably not. Easy enough to go with what's free.

I'll be playing around with Compiz in Ubuntu 7.10 in the next few months. I have other things I'd like to finish before I start playing around with all that stuff...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rat Cave... SICK

So, the Rat Cave is pretty sweet. I sent the "warm-up" 12a on my 3rd try, and I'll be working the extension for the 12b. It was a lot of fun to hang with Gary and the others, and nice to see some people that are really trying to push it. Can't wait to get back. I might have a few pics to upload when I get home.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Pizza and Pain Pumps

I worked too much, and yet not enough. Tonight was worth it. I went to dinner with Shandra, her brother and his wife Heather, and two kids Anna (Grace) and Jack. Both really cute kids. After getting home I got to take Bobby's pain pump out. I should have gone into the medical field... He had his ACL surgery on Wed and seems to be doing ok so far.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Popes and a gnarly catch!

My old climbing partner Popes has been out in Colorado for a few years now, and is still playing Ultimate. Here's a vid of him making a sweet catch to score.

Bill Gates isn't that rich

I'm not kidding. This slider by Forbes is really quite interesting. It's amazing to think these tycoons were leaps and bounds richer in their day than Bill and Warren are today.

I'm just leaving work, but it's been a good day.

Work's been nuts. It's 2:30am and I'm not even done. But, I did go bouldering at the PRG today and with Gary and we worked on a v7. I did it too. I'm very happy, as it's my first v7 at the PRG, and they always seem to grade pretty hard. I might be going out to the Rat Cave on Saturday. I get to get shut down on the 12a warm-up!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I done climbed well tonight

I probably should have stayed at work, but Brent, Joe, Zach and Jaime were all meeting at the Circuit, and that's just too hard to pass up. I had a very good night, flashing several v4s, 5s, and even two 6s. I worked on an 8, that maybe, if I really tried hard, could go. Jaime, Brent, Joe and I went out afterwards and had some dinner, which was hella fun too. Now, to bed. A good night!

Wanna hear something crazy? I got stung by a yellowjacket behind my left ear today. Total crap.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Subscribe to YouTube RSS Feeds

I was a disappointed when I couldn't find an easy way to subscribe to YouTube feeds, such as the Deftones videos. A little googling and I found this article on googletutor. When I tried adding the feed to Google Reader it just spun, so (in Firefox of course) I put the feed url into the location bar, and voila! I was prompted to subscribe with Reader, and all's good.

Transcode FLV Online

Last week I blogged about DownloadHelper and I really like it. Surfing around on YouTube tonight, I saw a comment that said you can save the audio from a YouTube video. How?

You can either give it a url to a YouTube movie, or an url to a flv file and it'll transcode it to AVI for Windows (DivX + MP3), MOV for Mac (MPEG4 + MP3), MP4 for iPod/PSP (MPEG4 + AAC), 3GP for Mobile (MPEG4 + AAC), MP3 (audio only). I tested it out and it was surprisingly fast to transcode, but a little slow (80Kb/sec or so) to download, not that that's horrible. I'd assume the server is in Japan.

Anyway, try it out. Very cool.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

New She Wants Revenge CD coming out October 9th

Go get it.
Video for the new single...

Firefox Extension: DownloadHelper

I saw an article on Wired about saving videos to your hard drive from sites like YouTube. Best way for me is to use DownloadHelper, which automatically recognizes media content it can download. Very cool.

New Bouldering Video Site

The vids aren't that great, but it's still some pr0n to get you going.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

ha$hy = so money

I've wanted to do a little javascript page that'll auto-generate different hashes on the fly. So, here's ha$hy, like version 0.1 at most.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

WiFi iPod = sexy

The new iPod is really nice looking. I'll have to go check it out, but I still think I'd rather have the iPhone instead.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Goodbye Outlook, Hello Thunderbird

This morning at work I finally got fed up with the extreme lack of adequate performance with Outlook 2007. I use IMAP and to look through my emails (even if some had already been read) was a chore. Load times per email as small as 4Kb could be 5 seconds. That's FOREVER. So, I decided to give Thunderbird another try. I had recommended it to one of our clients, Class Afloat, some time ago as a free alternative. But since I ran Office, I continued using Outlook. No more. I hope to even get off Thunderbird one day and go all Google Apps. Scott Hanselman's guide is great. His podcast on the subject was interesting too.

Some Links

Tieton, not Squish

For Labor Day weekend this year Shandra and I were going to go to Squamish, but decided to head out to Tieton instead. Worked out better since there was less driving, free camping, and good company.

Saturday we climbed at Deadheads wall at Lava Point. The routes there were really fun, several being very classic.

Sunday we hit Wildcat/Honeycomb Wall. Everyone else was on some tenuous looking 11a that would have spit me off and just frustrated me. So, with nothing to warm up on, I got on a SUPER classic 11c called Land Down Under. You can see Johanna and Joe on it in the photos.

Monday consisted of an early morning but late start. We went down to the Dream Wall and did a few 10s with slightly sketchy rock. Then Scott talked me into getting on this 11a. Luckily I flashed it, because it's a bad fall if you don't clip that first bolt! You can see Scott on the first few moves in the cave.

Just a few pics
, hopefully more when Shandra gets hers online.