Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend of Climbing!

Not really. I went to Madrone with Joe and Micah, meeting Scooter, Rachel and her friend Rob, where I did 2 routes, calling it a day. We did take a dip at Carver, and luckily didn't get hassled by any henchmen. Later I went to Gary's (owner of PRG) for a bbq. He has a really nice house with a great back yard. Nice to chill with good people.

Yesterday I went to Beacon with Karen and Joyce. We met Vince there, where he and I did 4 pitches. I lead Little Wind (5.9) and he lead the first pitch of Jill's Thrill (5.9 also). Then I lead the approach pitch (not sure of the name or grade, but it was a little spicy in the crux section) and Vince lead Blood, Sweat and Smears. It was an incredible lead. I'm pretty sure I would have taken a decent trad fall had I tried.

Bummer part of the day (and today too) is that something is going on with my back. I'm not sure if I'm slightly pinching a nerve above my right leg or what, but it didn't feel good walking to or from the cliff yesterday. I stretched last night but it didn't help a lot. Laying on the floor did though, and I did crack it once. I need to get back to yoga!


kiki said...

ummm, little wing is a 5.8.

tri berry shakes, bitches!

jesse said...

Little Wing is a really hard 5.8 then... never thought I'd say that.