Sunday, July 08, 2007

First Beacon Trip of '07

Went with Joe, Karen and Joyce. Joe and I decided to get on Fall Guy, a 10d as our first climb. First of all, grades are sandbagged, or WAY sandbagged out at Beacon. Jaime was right: 10d at Beacon is harder than 11a. Fair real grade on Fall Guy? 11a/b. Pretty cool climb though. Joe took a few times but hung the draws, then I did it. Jim Opdike was psyched when I told him I did it first try, so hopefully it'll get back to the first ascentionist.

After doing another route (Spring something or other) Jaime, Joe and I soloed the SE Corner. It's a 5 or 6 pitch route, 5.6 at the hardest (so, more like 5.7/8) and it was awesome. It felt amazing to be that high, having to keep my cool and just go. I never thought of falling, because it wasn't like the climbing I usually do. Usually, falling is ok. Not so much this time. Jaime tries to solo it 100 times a year. I think last year he made it to 90. I'm good for now!

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