Sunday, June 24, 2007

You Shouldn't Drill Holes Through Water Lines

Though I knew this, I still did it, by accident.
I was attaching earthquake straps to my hot water heater.

After getting the top strap attached, I went to pre-drill for the bottom strap. Lucky me, I hit a stud! Lucky me, I also hit a high pressure line that feeds the rest of my house.

After pulling off the drywall and chiseling the stud, this is what it looked like:

I had read "How to Repair Plumbing Pipes" so I measured the pipe (gotta think measure the inside diameter)

and ran to Home Depot to get a "C" clamp.

The one piece of rubber didn't fit the 1/2" clamp, so I stuck both pieces in there and clamped it down.

I turned the water back on, and low and behold... it leaked.

While it's not hard to solder, or so I've been told, I don't have the tools, nor would I want to mess it up any more. Early tomorrow morning I'll call the plumbers and see what I can arrange.

Now, time to hit 24 Hour Fitness for a shower.

UPDATE 6/25:
Fixed before I even went to work this morning!

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kiki said...

your situation is unfortunate... but i just talked to my mom on the phone and they have you way beat. think backhoe hitting a main water line- having to scoop up water from the pool to put in the toilet tank- siphoning water from the neighbors via a garden hose... all this happened saturday and still no water!

(none of this means that i have any less sympathy for you though.)