Saturday, June 09, 2007

I finally hung out at a state school

and it was actually very nice. I went down to Corvallis last night to see Nathan at OSU. After sitting in an hour of traffic, I got down and we had dinner. We then went over to the athletic center to boulder but the whole damn thing was reserved or something, so we met up with some kids and played soccer for a while. It was quite a fun time.

This morning we went to breakfast on campus, where the scrambled eggs were much better than the ones I didn't eat at WU. We killed time by shopping at Ross and loading up my van with Nathan's extra stuff. At 5 we went bouldering, where I encountered some of the most poorly graded problems ever. Everything was at least a grade harder than graded, and not that well set. No biggie, still had fun.

We ate some dinner then I drove back, making much better time than going down. I was really happy I made it down before the school year ended. I'll have to go down more next year. I really liked the campus and how accessible things were after hours.

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