Sunday, May 20, 2007

RailsConf '07 - Sunday Sessions

Keynote: The Rails Way
Jamis Buck and Michael Koziarski of gave a nice talk this morning on how things can be done right in Rails. Maybe if I had more experience with Rails I would have taken more away. I just need to remember that Rails does nice things, and I should use them.

Session: Choose Your Battles and LetIt::REST
Hampton Catlint on HAML fame gave a cool talk on a plugin he's developed called make_resourceful.

Session: Deploying Rails on Windows
Not that you should. No one should. However, I did take away some good advice on load balancing and how easy it is to set up.

Keynote: Dave Thomas
Actually, I was so out of it I spaced the start time of this session and only caught the last 15 minutes. It's ok though, I was pretty done at that point.

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