Friday, May 18, 2007

RailsConf '07 - Friday Sessions

Session: Building Community Focused Apps with Rails
This session was mainly on how to structure a project from the ground up, looking at Cork'd and stepping through the process the Cork'd developers used.

Session: Scale Rails Without Bounds on Amazon EC2
This was a very interesting talk on how to use Amazon's EC2 service to horizontally scale your app servers within minutes using a product called RightScale. I thought this might be a great server-side solution for Terra IMS's possible need for lots of computers for data processing geo-location information into usable web geo-location information.

Session: Build and Working with Static Sites in Ruby on Rails
Um, I didn't pay attention.

Session: Lessons from the Real World
Dirk from RackSpace gave a lot of good tips on things to avoid when developing Rails apps. The story on how his team's first Rails app helped to reunite families in San Antonio that had been evacuated from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina showed how Rails could make a real difference in a very short time.

Session: Spam I have Known
This was an enjoyable session on battling wiki spam. While no final solution will ever work for all wiki spam, the few that were suggested (blacklist web service, captchas, etc) were interesting to think about.

Keynote: "Smalltalk: Ruby from the Future"
Avi Bryant's talk on how Ruby and Smalltalk were essentially the same language was very informational and I thought very valuable for the Ruby and the Rails communities. Smalltalk seems to have solved many of the performance issues that stalk Ruby, and hopefully the Ruby and Smalltalk communities can work together to push Ruby to the next level.

Keynote: "Acceleration Anxiety"
Ze Frank is freaking hilarious. Like standup comedy funny. Like, I was crying funny. He's a "Content Producer", whatever that means. I've seen his site before now that I look at it again. I recommend you look through the site, and I'll see if I can find his video.

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