Monday, May 14, 2007

Madrone on a Sunday is really pretty nice

Ozone yesterday was much better than Ozone a few weeks ago. After warming up on a few new routes, I went down at got on The Crumbling, 12a sport route that has pre-hung draws. Not sure if I'd even make it to the top, I took twice, putting in a good effort. It's actually got me psyched to go back. And, it's nice having the drive to send hard again. It's been a few years...

Today I went to Madrone. I warmed up on 2 routes I had done before, then went down to do Where the Wild Things Roam, 11d onsight (supposedly), 11b otherwise. I did it first try today (having tried it once a few weeks ago) and ended up doing it again as my last climb. It's nice to have something like that wired.

I'm starting to feel like I did before I left St. Louis, like I can actually climb. My hand feels better, my right shoulder isn't bothering me too much. This year looks to be a great one. Though I have the RailsConf all next weekend, I feel good about the Memorial Day weekend trip up to Leavenworth.

UPDATE: Pics have been posted. Thanks mom!

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