Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I think Kiki sums up the first day pretty well.

Sunday was good for me too. I went up to Rattlesnake Wall with Joe, enjoying a shitty trail up to a good wall. Though Joe had left the book in the van, we did a few moderate routes, then I bailed to go boulder.

Hitting up the Forestlands with Mateo and Tara was a blast. We got on some really fun problems, and Tara (hopefully) took some good pics.

It got cold Sunday night so we headed back to the campsite early. Long story short, I invited to big, burly biker dudes to camp in our campsite, since they were having a hard time finding a place to pitch their tent. I just offered. I didn't think to ask everyone else, and I didn't think to go back with them to the campsite. I guess I wasn't thinking at all. When I got back, EVERYONE was pretty pissed at me, which I could understand. Luckily the guys ended up being cool.

We just bouldered at the Fridge boulder Monday then drove back to PDX. It was a much quicker drive back. Overall it was a good trip. Now that I know the area it'll be easier next time to get more climbing in.

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