Sunday, May 06, 2007

I love bacon.. real bad

I went to Trout Creek this weekend for some crack climbing. Yes, me. I went crack climbing. And it was fun, and it was beautiful, and I'll go back. My first attempt at tape gloves didn't work too well, but it'll happen. Looks like I'll need some better crack climbing shoes too. And a rope. Time to finally buy some gear!

Here are the pics of Trout Creek. It was about an hour hike up there, but not as bad as I'd heard.

I got on Gold Rush, a 10a crack, and while it was just a little bigger than hands, I did it. Felt good too, since I don't have much experience on cracks. 2nd route was a double crack called Suzuki, 11a or so. Took me a few tries to get off the ground, but once I did I managed to get to the top. Last route of the day was JR Tokin', a 10b/c (shit was HARD} crack with a definite crux that was hellish. None of us actually dit it clean. Well, Micah did on his 2nd try. It'd be a nice one to get wired but it'll take some time. Here's the start of his fall sequence his first try.

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