Sunday, April 22, 2007

the last week

It seems like I use my blog as more of a personal journal that I may or may not look back on in the future. I guess that's why I seem to post the same stuff over and over... climbing, music, UFC and soccer. So, here we go!

In the last 8 days I've gone to 4 concerts. Friday night was Heavyweight Dub Champion, AFTER my 11:15pm soccer game. We lost the soccer game 4-2, but the concert was a win.

Last night was UFC 70 in Manchester, England. The biggest upset I've seen since Serra beat GSP was when Gonzaga kicked Cro Cop upside the head with 9 seconds left in the first round, knocking Cro Cop OUT. It was hella crazy.

Today some friends went to Club Sport in Tigard to try out a new climbing gym. It was pretty nice. They have a nicely overhanging wall that I would love to get on all the time. Even though they have 50% off a 5-punch pass I probably won't go back for a bit. Cool nonetheless.

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