Saturday, March 24, 2007

Subs? We don't need no stinking subs!

Actually, it would be nice to have some.
Let me recap on our 12:15am game tonight (um, this morning)

  • Kristina
  • Joyce
  • Jane
  • Karen
  • Dani
  • me
  • Gabe
  • Nathan
  • Zach
First half Jane played keeper. She stopped a few, but let 4 go by. In the last few minutes, Zach scored our first goal, starting the rally.

Halftime: 1-4 them... :-(

2nd half I go in as keeper. This means if a guy wants to sub out, he subs out with a gal. We have very talented gals though, so this wasn't an issue.
We scored, 2-4. They scored (lucky really...) 2-5.

With 10 minutes left we scored again, 3-5. We're tired, but we're still running. You can tell they are slowing down. Their keeper is still blocking our shots though. We do a great job of keeping the ball up on their half. 4 minutes left (or something like that) we score again. 4-5. It's looking like a rally is happening!

They're not converting their chances, yet neither are we. 90 seconds left and the ball is down on our side. We move it up the right and start taking shots. Gabe. Joyce. Nathan. Joyce again probably. Finally, with maybe 10 or 15 seconds left, we get one in!!! Gabe and Jane were down in the mix, and that last goal went off Jane's head.

How happy are we to tie at 5-5? Extremely happy. Like, ecstatic. Like, blue card from Zach jumping over the railing happy.

While we were counting on more people to show up, we still played our hearts out, and it showed. We couldn't have asked for a better game. Division 4b looks to be hella fun.

We are off next weekend, which is good because I'll be in Bishop, and the weekend after, April 7th, 7:15pm. While this happens to be 15 minutes into UFC 69, I don't care. I'll be back from Bishop and ready to play. Luckily I can hit the 10pm showing of UFC at Hooters anyway!

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