Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patty's Day '07

St. Patty's Day any-year doesn't really mean too much to me, but this was a nice one. After sleeping in a bit yesterday morning, I decided to hit up the Reed Canyon trail, which had been highly recommended to me by a neighbor-friend Andreas.I even brought along my camera and snapped a few photos for shits and giggles. The trail was very peaceful and quite beautiful, and I'll enjoy running it soon.

We also had a soccer game last night, which we won. Zach scored 3 (the 3rd was off the keeper's back!), Karen 1, Bobby 1, Nick 1, and I had 1. They only scored 1 on us. Brandon, Nathan's friend from Chesterton, played keeper for the 2nd half and did an amazing job, despite letting one slip past him.

Notable moments:
  • Zach getting hip-checked and falling on his ass
  • Amy BLASTING some poor girl (who actually went to Wash U) in the stomach
  • Brandon taking out 2 of their players by diving for the ball (one being the stomach girl)
  • me turning around and hugging some girl on the other team to keep from knocking her on her ass
  • me explaining to the other team that Joe Neff doesn't know shit about soccer because he's a model. Serious.
Then there was Zach and Nick's St. Patty's party. Beer pong and flippy cup, lots of drunk people, and me spitting out vodka-infused jello because I didn't know it had vodka in it before I put it my mouth.

That's pretty much it!

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