Saturday, March 10, 2007

Clean Sheet with a Goal to boot!

Tonight's soccer game was a good one. With a few extra girls and only 1 extra guy we rattled some cages with 4 or 5 - 0 victory (the scoreboard wasn't working)

I had a pretty good save in the last seconds of the first half as keeper. Diving to my left, I had to stretch out as far as possible to keep the damn ball from going in.

After Nathan scored his second goal during the second half, I came out of goal and ran a bit. I'm so out of shape. While I had some good runs, and managed to score one (almost 2) I was severely out of breath. Lesson to be learned is that I need to run more. So, I'm gonna pick up jogging again. I'm also looking at 24" cruiser BMX bikes too. There are a few in town that could be a go. We'll see!

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